Become the Christ
Seeking Truth with others

The gospel is the good news. We propose to seek the truth with others to bring your happiness, that of being a Christian. May life be beautiful and joyful while trying to convince.

Although you are told how to become Christ, we give different paths to truth, which will bring you the joy of your belief.

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I often wondered why prophets judged with acts. In fact, there are reasons for this, which not only convince the one who wants evil, but the wrongdoer is also guilty.

The one who wants evil thinks about the act he might commit. Then this act forwards him. So the prophet must tell the truth about the act to convince the wrongdoer. Telling the truth requires to have sought the wrongdoer’s truth.
If the evildoer hides his truth, an inter-personal intelligence, alone, will allow to tell for the evildoer. Thus, many prophets have an inter-personal intelligence or are advised by someone who has an inter-personal intelligence. Inter-personal intelligence lets you know if someone’s lying. To get this, it’s about seeking the truth. Thus those who argue use the inter-personal to seek the truth and to know interlocutor. For them, as the truth’s dialogue progresses, they will see while reminding themselves, then, the uncertainties and divagations of their interlocutor.

For the elite, this is the deal. The elite only want those who look like them, when economy is recessing. So, it will be the will to raise that will allow to join it. Many of those who want to raise will not possess general interest, in times of recession. So many will become the elite, forgetting their bases, which will lead many to misfortune.

But anyone who uses inter-personal with someone deep enough will reveal fully the elite’s flaws. They also will be able to help the entire elite through physical economy. Confucianism, which is thinking about the other for the other, will not necessarily prevent jealousy. There will have to be sureties, pledges, especially to help those who may gave to achieve this moral general interest.

Pysical economy is giving good news. This is a long-term vision, close to general interest. The one who reconciles elite and basis will have to give the desire to create his proposed projects. Morality and physicall economy are integrated. Morality goes against evil. Physical economy makes it possible to find that is good. Physical economy makes it possible to satisfy everyone. Morality requires to grow listener’s creativity, if he is locked. It is about rising, creating in mind a truth research’s movement. We seek for truth through solutions, science, personal development, a future, truths. But solutions are found discussing with others and taking risks with them.