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Tuesday 18 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

To convince, it is about being convinced himself. If you do not feel convinced enough, you can guess with your speaker a new reason to believe in God. So, we search with his speaker.

When we are convinced, we have to look for our limits. We will go to our limits or to our speaker’s limits. Then, the link between different ideas will make us emit a higher hypothesis, with our dreams and our dialogue. Then we can become a genius with our belief.

Then we can do politics. That is to say that we will try to convince through dialogue. Jehovah’s Witnesses do that. But, if you do not adhere to their principles, you can offer your ideas to the people. The best is to surround yourself with someone. His diocese also tries to convince.

With politics, we will set up religious education projects. These projects are rewarding. Indeed, it allows to improve, to improve its limits, to go beyond the simple daily. We will see then to the long view. We will define goals that are difficult to reach, but achievable by our talents. Then we will become a religion’s polytechnician. So we will put off our own boundaries.

My Notes

Try to set goals to reach, to convince better later.