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Let’s Explain our Gospel

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Friday 14 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Jesus Christ’s Parables seem inaccessible to be understood fully. So we understand these parables according to our truth’s research. Then we create our truth about the Gospels, at worst our intuition on these writings. Then we go to a mission to explain what we understood._ This creates for us and for others a new story.

For example, to understand that Roman money has no value when it is entirely with Caesar makes it possible to understand the parable of Jesus "Give to Caesar that is Caesar’s, and to God that is to God." So we explain better than the parables, since we understand them as accessible.

Really, parables allow Jesus to remain into mankind’s eternity. It’s like a beautiful tale. We learn a lot of things if we listen carefully. Everyone understands his gospel according to his story. So speaking about his gospel is primary.

My Notes

After meditating on yourself, read and write about a New Testament Gospel.