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With Buddhists

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Thursday 30 August 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Jesus Christ is not a God, but he brings the word of God. He was angry and emotional. So a Buddhist can believe that he was weak. So it’s about explaining why he was getting angry, what were the foundations of his anger. Jesus is an angel who took shape, just as a God could do. Only the souls are imperfect, which would explain that only the first soul should be perfect.

Buddhists believe that their life will continue in another life. So they will have forgotten. It is therefore necessary to say that their life has a reason to exist. It is therefore necessary to explain that the human’s creativity is the one of a God, that it is usefull. Is not our world a little artificial? Does not our world urge us to question ourselves?

My notes

Go to meet Asian people to discuss about your truth’s search.