Become the Christ
Seeking Truth with others

The gospel is the good news. We propose to seek the truth with others to bring your happiness, that of being a Christian. May life be beautiful and joyful while trying to convince.

Although you are told how to become Christ, we give different paths to truth, which will bring you the joy of your belief.

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The last articles

Telling with Acts
Published on 30 January 2019
by Matthieu Giroux

I often wondered why prophets judged with acts. In fact, there are reasons for this, which not only convince the one who wants evil, but the wrongdoer is also guilty.

The one who wants evil thinks about the act he might commit. Then this act forwards him. So the prophet must tell the truth (…)

Being in the Truth
Published on 27 September 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

Jesus Christ was in the truth. The goal of a Christian is therefore to defend the truth. It is not a question about being against it. It’s about looking for it, giving solutions, that is, being a genius. Genius only seeks its limits, then the limits of others.

If our cause is crucial, then the (…)

Being a Friend
Published on 26 September 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

We are tired to be rejected or comforted for anything. That’s why finding a friend can help and rise.

A friend will only devalue us if necessary. A friend will never devalue us for free. A friend dares to tell us that is wrong while growing. He does not tell us everything, because it allows us (…)

Being Tactful
Published on 22 September 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

Johann Friedrich Herbart learned being tactful. That is to say that he asked high difficulties to those whom could, that he asked beginning difficulties to those whom hesitated. Indeed, at the beginning we have few borders but very limited borders. Then we have extensive boundaries, and, at the (…)

Seeking Balance
Published on 20 September 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

Our environment transforms us. So a balanced life makes society better. There is balanced food. Organic silicon is missing into the current food. Organic silicon can regenerate you. It’s about eating onions, or garlic, or nettles, or horsetail.

We lack of fiber too. The fibers allow to (…)