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Learning Peace

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Wednesday 19 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Before the Neolithic, the human was an animal. We are certainly creatures of God, but we were more violent than animals, so that we later dominate nature.

We must seek peace, instead of waiting for forgiveness. To forgive is not to bow. To forgive is to see the reality of his sorrow, to consider it as it is. Then our mind awakens, by a creative activity, which brings us closer to God.

Then prayer and meditation bring us the best of others, yet we must see it. To realize happiness means solidarity instead of competition, solidarity based on science, which is to understand nature. Solidarity is scientifically more viable than competition, competition that creates fear and indifference, if we do not define, if we do not dialogue. This competition and this indifference lead both to war. Know that those who are indifferent have a hard time appreciating their happiness. So to be full of contemplation can bring solutions, seeking on his limits.

My Notes

Write about his happiness.