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With Muslims

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Saturday 1 September 2018

Muslims are skeptical about the gospels. They do not necessarily understand scientific research according to Plato. Jesus Christ did that Plato did not succeed. Jesus Christ convinced the poor. But Plato’s step is Christian. If you are told that Plato was a Christian before the Christ, it is a question to say that Christ was there to give his confidence.

Muslims know that Christians are persecuted. Everyones do not know that Western media are anti-Christian. We especially discuss with them the truth of Christ’s journey, with its eternal parables. The parables of Christ can be explained in our own way, to go beyond the understanding. Our journey seeking truth can lead to be helped by the Holy Spirit, our soul at least.

My Notes

With a closed outfit, go to meet the Muslims, to explain to them that their path searching for truth leads to the blessing.