Become the Christ
Seeking Truth with others

The gospel is the good news. We propose to seek the truth with others to bring your happiness, that of being a Christian. May life be beautiful and joyful while trying to convince.

Although you are told how to become Christ, we give different paths to truth, which will bring you the joy of your belief.

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Being Convinced Every Days
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Article published on 1 October 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

How beautiful it is to marvel at life. Finding a new reason to believe in life makes us a genius of our religion.

It’s not about trying to convince if you do not believe. In this case, it is a question about asking with the other person questions that he does not understand. We define then. By defining, we seek resources in the gospels, which we must then explain.

Without necessarily getting into their dynamics, Jehovah’s Witnesses can help us convincing ourselves.

My Notes

Try to convince when you have found a new reason to believe in the gospel.

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