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Monday 10 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Atheists ask a little questions about life’s origin. It is therefore important, on the one hand, to put them brainstorming, with a creative activity, on the other hand to explain to them why there is life. It will teach life for you then.

If we do not have creative activity, it can hurt us. Indeed, our questioning about life can be reduced by a brainstorming’s lack. Brainstorming is not to be confused with emotion. Many atheists, including believers, are led with their emotions, then think that they brainstorm a lot, while they only adapt their thinking to what they see. To think is also to meditate before thinking. To pray others is to meditate for others. If your friend or companion does not meditate, he will fool you about that he sees. Starting to meditate allows you to have constructive dreams. This is the first step towards fullness.

Television uses social networks to add an atheistic belief to viewers. Some books are atheists too. It is therefore a question about rising, about philosophizing, about learning to learn, about becoming a psychologist and about contradicting the inflection telling. Dialogue is the first of every kindness. If you’re listening too much, it’s about communicating. If you are communicating, it is about getting to the base of things.

Atheists are often surprised with the believers’ love, with their humility too. This is not a good sign for you. It’s about teaching them to love with projects, not loving sentimentally. Loving sentimentally is worthless without a project to love on the long run.

My Notes

Discuss with your friends the life’s Atheists ask a little questions about life’s origin.