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Helping to Find a Solution

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Wednesday 29 August 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

At the beginning, we wonder, then we seek our truth through others. Joy comes when we seek the truth. Jesus Christ have given the solutions, because his soul was in the truth. But isn’t it even the best to help others finding their solution?

Jesus wanted his words to serve a future. But, can not we find a future with his interlocutor?

The priest is expected to give the solutions. So he’s just repeating that Christ says. But the priest sometimes helps his interlocutor to express himself better. He knows why we come to see him, in general. So he creates a solution with the person, when the latter is really questioning himself.

You will tell me that these are women whom are supposed to do that. But if the person finds the solution himself, he will know it better.

My notes

Help someone.